Sailing Club Val, Organizer

Since 1928.

The Sailing Club Val Šibenik was founded in 1928. That is a testimony of the really rich tradition of sailing sport in our city. Sailing sport has always occupied a prominent position in the great and successful Sibenik sport family.
Numerous sports achievements have been made in the club history, but more importantly, the club spirit and love for sailing are transferred to many during this 90 years.
Currently the Sailing Club Val Šibenik has more than 300 members, of which almost 100 have been verified at the Croatian Sailing Federation and are actively engaged in sailing sport. All members and the Club management are enthusiasts and

The club encompasses a very diverse group of citizens of different social and professional layers who are willing to invest their work, time and energy in achieving a common goal - maintaining and developing sailing sport in our city.
Each year, JK VAL organizes a numerous of interesting and attractive regattas and other events, which is definitely an indispensable contribution to the city's sporting life and the tourist promotion of the region.
We especially take care of the youngest ones in the Club. We consider the upbringing of children is the most important club activity and the future of the Club and sailing sport in Šibenik.

Club activities are organized into diferent sections:

Sailing School

The most important club section on which it depends future of the club and sailing sport in our city. Each year we keep a sailing school for the youngest children. In the sailing school, they are learning basics of sailing, but also other naval skills, winds
and weather, sea behavior and ecology. Practically they are mastering the techniques and legacy of sailing and sailing competitions.

Small Classes

Currently we are working in couple of small classes: Optimist, Laser 4.7, Laser radial, Laser standard and Star. We are proud of the results that we have achieved over the past years thanks to the serious and devoted work of our sailors and coaches. Our sailors are regular participants of all major regattas on the Adriatic coast as well as throughout Europe. Our club has also given several national representatives in the various classes for the past year.
Every year, this club section organizes several regattas in Sibenik, for Optimist, Laser and Star classes.

Radio controlled sailing

It is a Club section with a very long tradition. According to the information from the club archives, the ship-modeling section of Sailing Club Val was the most successful in the 1950s. This club section is still very active today, organizing couple of regattas each year, and constantly attracts new enthusiasts. At the moment, the section carries competitive sailing in the class of radio sailing sailboats IOM.

Yacht Section

Even this club section has a long tradition too. Older club members nostalgically recall the wooden club cruiser "Pinta", which has been involved in numerous cruises and regattas in the middle of last century. Over the last 20 years we have witnessed a strong development of yacht sailing in Šibenik. Our crews have achieved remarkable results that we can really be proud of. Sailing Club Val Šibenik is certainly among the few most active clubs in Croatia according yacht sailing. This section annually organizes two regattas, "Regata Civitanova - Sibenik" and "Šibenik's regatta".

Traditional sails

Through the activities of this section, we want to contribute to the preservation of the rich maritime tradition of Šibenik and Croatia.


Important events organized by Sailing Club Val Šibenik in past 3 years:


FARR 40 Šibenik Sailing week  (in co-organization with D-Marine)
MATCH RACE Open Croatian Championship
IOM Open Croatian Championship


European MATCH RACE Tour - Stop Šibenik (in co-organization with Wave Sailing Center)
MELGES 32 European Championship (in co-organization with D-Marine)
MELGES 20 European Championship (in co-organization with D-Marine)
ORC Open Croatian Championship
Cro ORC Cup - 3 races (in co-organization with D-Marine)
MATCH RACE Open Croatian Championship
IOM Open Croatian Championship


European MATCH RACE Tour - Stop Šibenik (in co-organization with Wave Sailing Center and D-Marine)
Croatian SAILING LEAGUE (in co-organization with Wave Sailing Center and D-Marine)
IOM Open European Championship
Eurosaf MATCH RACE Youth European Championship (in co-organization with D-Marine)
Šibenik TP 52 SUPER SERIES (in co-organization with D-Marine)
ORC Open Croatian Championship (in co-organization with D-Marine)
Cro ORC Cup - 3 races (in co-organization with D-Marine)


Offshore Racing Congress

Croatian Sailing Federation

World Sailing