Notice of Race

D-Marin ORC World Championship 2019.

31.05. - 08.06.2019.

Šibenik, Croatia


1. Organizing Authority

The 2019 ORC World Championship is organized by the Sailing Club “Val” in conjunction with D-Marin Šibenik under the authority of Croatian Sailing Federation and under the overall authority of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) and World Sailing (WS).


2. Rules

2.1. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

2.2. The following rules will also apply:

a) IMS Rule

b) ORC Rating Systems Rule

c) World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations (Category 3 with liferaft required for the long offshore race only)

2.3. No national authority prescription will apply.

2.4. Under RRS 87, ORC Rule 206 is changed as follows:

a) All sails shall have been measured and stamped by an ORC measurer. During the pre-race equipment inspection, sails will be marked for the event by stamp, sticker and/or inspector’s signature.

b) The maximum number of sails shall be as defined in ORC Rule 206 with one additional mainsail allowed. The second mainsail shall have a minimum of one set of reef points. The mainsails may be interchangeable.

c) With the exception of the second mainsail all sails shall be aboard while racing.

d) Sails damaged during the series may be repaired. Sails beyond repair may be replaced with permission of the Technical Committee

2.5. Minimum crew weight as defined in ORC Rules 102.3 and 200.1(b) shall apply.

2.6. If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.


3. Advertising

World Sailing Advertising Code will apply. Competitors & Boats advertising will be without restriction. Event Advertising by the Organizing Authority will be:

  • bow numbers with advertisement which have to be displayed as forward as possible on both sides of the first 20% of the hull
  • advertisement to be displayed on both sides of the foremost 20% of the mainsail boom
  • sponsor’s flag that has to be flown on the backstay throughout the entire event.

The Organizing Authority may also require the installation, at no cost to competitors, of on-board video cameras, position devices, and guest riders whose on-board position restrictions are defined in the Sailing Instructions.


4. Eligibility and Classes

4.1. Competitors shall comply with World Sailing Eligibility Code.

4.2. The regatta is open to all boats with valid ORC International certificate with 8.6 < CDL<= 16.5. The flotation date on an ORC International Certificate shall not be earlier than 1st June 2014

4.3. Classes are defined by the CDL and the minimum and maximum number of entries as follows:

Class A:      16.500 >= CDL > 11.620    max. 50 entries (30 from one country)

Class B:      11.620 >= CDL >   9.800    max. 50 entries (30 from one country)

Class C:        9.800 >= CDL >   8.600    max. 50 entries (30 from one country)

Note: All CDL values are referred to 2018 version of the ORC VPP and it may be updated when the 2019 VPP becomes available

To assign a World Champion title in a class the number of boats plus the number of countries shall be not less than 14. If the minimum number of boats in a class is not met, that class can be grouped with the closest class. In this case, only one Championship title will be assigned to the combined classes.

The person who is the owner or charterer or borrower of an entered boat shall be a national of the country they are representing. "National" is defined as either the holder of a passport or identity card, or a similar document stating residential status in the country represented.

Classes will have separate starts and separate results.

4.4. Eligible boats may pre-register until 1st April 2019 by completing the on-line registration form and sending the generated PDF registration form with copy of the ORC International certificate to:

4.5. A boat is considered pre-registered if the following documents are received:

a) Completed and signed entry form

b) Last valid ORC International certificate

c) Entry fee payment confirmation

The list of pre-registered boats will be updated on the event’s website upon receipt of each new entry.

4.6. If less than 50 boats in total and less than 30 boats from one country are pre-registered in a class before 1st April 2019 all pre-registered boats will be accepted as final entries and additional entries will be allowed until the maximum number of entries as defined in NoR 4.3 is reached, but not later than 15th May 2019.

4.7. If more than 50 boats in total or more than 30 boats from one country are pre-registered in a class before 1st April 2019 final entries will be accepted by the organizer’s discretion in agreement with the ORC by considering:

a) international representation of the fleet

b) boat’s and skipper’s racing record, particularly in previous ORC Championships

c) chronological order in which boats are pre-registered

The final list of accepted entries will be published on the event’s website at 1st April 2019. Pre-registered boats whose entry is not accepted will be listed on the “waiting list” and can replace any of the accepted boats that cancel their participation before the start of the championship. The entry fee received from any boat whose entry is not accepted will be re-funded. 


5. Entry Fee

5.1. The entry fees (net of any bank charges) per boat are as follows:

Class Entry and entry fee received until 01.02.2019. Entry and entry fee received after 01.02.2019.
A € 950 € 1.200
B € 900 € 1.100
C € 800 € 1.000


Fees should be forwarded to:

Jedriličarski klub Val

Obala prvoboraca 33,

22000 Šibenik, Croatia

OIB: 27040311591


Bank details:

IBAN: HR7524020061100822093


Erste & Steiermarkische bank d.d.

Jadranski trg 3a

Rijeka, 51000



5.2. The organizer is not responsible for any costs incurred by the non-acceptance of a boat’s registration.

5.3. Late entries may be accepted at organizer's discretion.


6. Corinthian Division and Trophy

For the Corinthian Division and Trophy, the World Sailing Sailor Classification Code, Regulation 22 shall apply and all crew shall hold a valid Group 1 classification. Unclassified sailors will be deemed to be Group 3. A boat entered in the Corinthian Division shall also be entered automatically in the Open Division and shall be eligible for prizes and trophies in both divisions. Details of the World Sailing Sailor Classification Code and information on how to apply can be found on the World Sailing website:

The closing date for the receipt of valid Corinthian entries shall be 15th May 2019. Each entry shall include a complete crew list and show the classification and World Sailing Sailor ID for each crew. All crew shall hold valid classifications prior to this date that do not expire until after the final day of the regatta. Late entries and incomplete entries cannot be considered for this division.

Should a boat whose Corinthian entry has been checked and accepted need to change a crew member between the closing date of the entry and the start of the regatta, the name of the new crew member including a valid World Sailing Sailor ID must be submitted to the Organizing Authority for their approval [and for the approval of the International Jury]. All crew lists will be posted on the Official Notice Board or website as soon as possible after the Registration deadline.

Note: A representative of the World Sailing Sailor Classification Commission will be present during registration and will carry out spot checks. Competitors shall attend interviews with the Commission when requested to do so. Competitors are reminded that the Commission has the power to change a classification at the event with no prior notice. Any changes are effective immediately.


7. Registration

7.1. Each Owner or Skipper must personally register in the Race Office located in D-Marin Marina Mandalina or in Race Office located in City of Šibenik. from 10:00 on Saturday 1st June 2019 until 20:00 on Sunday 2nd June 2019.

7.2. The following documents shall be presented at registration:

a) Valid ORC International certificate issued before 24th May 2019

b) Valid third-party insurance with a minimum cover of 1.500.000 EUR

c) If advertising is displayed, a respective National Authority permission

d) Crew list with name, surname, World Sailing Sailors Classification Code and World Sailing Sailor ID - insert when applies and weight for each crew member

e) Contact phone number both on boat and land, including the name of the contact person

f) Liability acceptance form duly filled out and signed

This changes RRS 78.2.

7.3. No changes shall be made on ORC International certificates after 1st June 2019 unless prescribed and approved by the Technical Committee before or during the pre-race equipment inspection and before the start of the first race.

7.4. Crew lists may be amended up to 20:00 on 2nd June 2019 by filling a new form showing the changes. After this time, changes in crew may be made only with the written permission of the Technical Committee.

7.5. The time limit for a protest by a boat regarding the World Sailing’s Sailors Classification Code is 21:00 on 3rd June 2019. This changes RRS 61.3.


8. Schedule


Friday 31st May Registration and measurement
Saturday 1st June Registration and measurement
Sunday 2nd June Registration and measurement, Practice Race, opening ceremony
Monday 3rd June Long offshore race 
Tuesday 4th June Long offshore race
Wednsday 5th June Inshore races
Thursday 6th June Inshore races
Friday 7th June Short offshore race
Saturday 8th June Inshore races


Approximate duration of the long offshore race will be 30-36 hours for the slowest boat, while for the short offshore race this will 10-12 hours for the slowest boat. Inshore races will be of approximately 1 to 1.5 hours duration. The schedule may be changed depending on the wind conditions.

8.2. Eight races are scheduled including two offshore races and six inshore races. Inshore races will be windward/leeward races.

8.3. The championship is valid if at least 4 inshore races and 1 offshore race or at least 3 inshore races and 2 offshore races are completed. Offshore races will be not be discardable and 1 discard will be allowed on inshore races if 5 or 6 inshore races are completed.


9. Measurement

Pre-race measurement checks will take place from 14:00 on Friday, 31st May 2019 until 18:00 on Sunday, 2nd June 2019. Booking of time slots for inspections by the boats will be available through the online system from 25th May 2019. Measurement and rules compliance inspections will be carried out throughout the championship before or after each race with emphasis on boats well placed in the scoring.


10. Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions will be available for each entrant at completion of the registration formalities.


11. Scoring

11.1. Windward/leeward race results will be determined by corrected times calculated by Performance Curve Scoring and constructed course method.

11.2. Offshore race results will be determined by corrected times calculated by Performance Curve Scoring for Coastal / Long Distance pre-selected course.


12. International Jury

An International Jury will be appointed in compliance with RRS 91(b) and Appendix N. Decisions of the International Jury will be final according to the RRS 70.5.


13. Support boats

All support boats shall be registered at the race office. Identification numbers will be provided by the organizer. These numbers must be visible at all times.


14. Nautical charts

The nautical charts of the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia can be found at


15. Berthing

Boats in Classes A and C will have their mooring places in D-Marin Marina Mandalina while boats in Class B will have their mooring places in Town of Šibenik. This may be changed depending on the number of entrys.

All moorings will be free of charge from 30th May 2019 until 9th June 2019. Boats shall be kept in their assigned places while they are in the harbour.


16. Haul-out Restrictions

From 09:00 hrs of the first scheduled day of registration until the end of the last scheduled race of the series boats shall not be hauled out except for the purposes of repairing damage, and only after written permission from the International Jury. While hauled for this purpose, cleaning and polishing of the hull below the waterline will not be permitted. Appendages shall not be removed from the boat during the series.


17. Registration of arrival

Participants of the 2019 ORC World Championship are excused of payment of tax for the registration of arrival and stay of foreign yacht or boat in territorial sea and coastal waters of the Republic of Croatia from 26th May – 13th June 2019. Foreign boats shall register at first custom office when entering Croatian territorial sea.


18. Media rights

Competitors, owners and their guests grant absolute right and permission to the Organizing Authority for any photography and video footage taken of persons and boats during the event, to be published and/or broadcast in any media, including but not limited to TV advertisements, whatsoever for either editorial or advertising purposes or to be used in press information.


19. Communication

Except in emergency or when communicating with the Race Commitee, a boat that is racing, shall not make voice or data transmissions and shall not receive voice or data communication that is not available to all boats.


20. Trophies and Prizes

Trophies will be awarded in each class to:

  • the best three boats
  • the best boat in Corinthian division

Organiser may also give additional prizes.


21. Disclaimer of Liability

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk, see RRS 4 - Decision to Race. The Organizing Authority, Sailing Club “Val”, D-Marin, Croatian Sailing Federation, ORC and any other party involved in the organization of the regatta will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta. Each boat owner or his representative accepts these terms by signing the entry form.


22. Insurance

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party insurance with a minimum cover of 1.500.000 EUR per event. Regardless, it is the responsibility of the owners to hold adequate insurance cover for Tort Liability and Third-Party Insurance (Property and Persons).


23. Further information

For further information, please contact Sailing Club “Val” at

 Notice of Race in PDF


Offshore Racing Congress

Croatian Sailing Federation

World Sailing