Category 3: Races across open water, most of which is relatively protected or close to shorelines (OSR 2.01.4)

The present inspection card is based on ISAF Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) 2018-2019

The full compliance with OSR ( is the sole responsibility of the person in charge and it cannot be limited to the present inspection card (OSR 1.02).

The OSR do not replace, but rather supplement, the requirements of governmental authority, or any other rules or regulations (OSR 1.01.2).


  Show the following: OSR §
  Stability in accordance to OSR 3.04 (e.g. ORC Stability Index ≥ 103). 3.04
  If ballast or generator exists: must be permanently installed. Heavy items: securely fastened. 2.04.2
  Navigation lights (spare set) with separate power source. Spare bulbs. LOA<12m 10W, ≥12m 25W 3.27.3
  Marine transceiver. In case of VHF, shall have: masthead antenna, emergency antenna, channel 72, min power 25W, and, if it’s installed after 31/12/2015, DSC capable with an assigned MMSI & connected to GPS. 3.29.1
  Hand-held marine VHF, watertight or with waterproof cover. Radio receiver for weather bulletins. GPS. 3.29.5,6
  Soft tapered wood plugs attached or adjacent to the appropriate fitting for every through-hull opening. 4.03
  2 Fire extinguishers, ≥2kg, dry powder, accessible, different positions. Fire blanket near cooking device of open flame. 4.05.1, .2
  One flashlight & One high-powered searchlight, white, watertight, with spare batteries and bulbs. 4.07 a)b)
  First aid Kit & Manual (suitable for the conditions and duration of the passage and the number of people aboard). 4.08
  Foghorn. Rigging cutter. Knife strong, securely restrained, readily accessible from the cockpit. 4.09
  Radar reflector: octahedral (with plates circular 12" or rectangular 16”) or of min 2m2 radar cross-section. 4.10.1
  Charts, light list and pilot book. Echo sounder or lead line. Speedometer. 4.11
  Pyrotechnic signals: 4 red hand flares, 2 orange smoke. 4.23.1
  Lifejackets for the whole crew, marked with the boat’s or wearer’s name, fitted with crotch/thigh straps, sprayhood (ISO 12402-8), emergency position indicating light (ISO 12402-8 or SOLAS LSA code 2.2.3), and:
If manufactured < 2012: Comply with ISO 12402-3 (Level 150) or equivalent, including EN 396 or UL 1180 and, if inflatable, have a gas inflation system.
If manufactured > 2011: Comply with ISO 12402-3 (Level 150) and be fitted with a whistle, lifting loop, reflective material, automatic/manual gas inflation system.
  A harness that complies with ISO 12401 or equivalent. A tether not exceeding 1m including the length of the hooks, or an intermediate self-closing hook on a 2 m tether. 5.02
  Heavy Weather Jib, with area less than ≤ 13.5% IG2, with luff-stay attachment independent of groove. 4.26.2a
  Either Storm Trysail with area ≤ 17.5% × P × E
Or Mainsail Reefing to reduce the luff by at least 40%.
  2 unmodified anchors, suitable combination of chain and rope, ready for immediate assembly and deployment within 5 minutes 4.06
  Lifelines: Two (for LOA ≥ 8.5m) or One (for LOA < 8.5m), uncoated stainless steel wire.
Taut (upper or single lifeline: 5cm/4kg in the middle, intermediate lifelines: 12cm/4kg in the middle).
If securing with lanyard, the gap must not exceed 100mm.
  Bilge pump, manual, permanently installed, operable with all cockpit seats, hatches etc shut, with handle with lanyard, Two strong buckets each with lanyard and of at least 9 l 3.23.2
  Clipping points attached near working areas and suitable to clip on before coming on deck. 4.04.2a,b,c
  Jackstays (webbing or Dyneema/Spectra or uncoated stainless steel wire ³5mm) port & starboard for deck safety harnesses. 4.04.1
  Tiller for emergency, except in case of steering with an unbreakable metal tiller. 4.15.1
  Lifebuoy near the helmsman with self-igniting light, yacht’s name, retro-reflective material and a drogue. 4.17,18
  Recovery sling with (a) buoyant line of length no less than the shorter of 4×LOA or 36m, (b) buoyancy section (horseshoe) with ≥ 90N buoyancy and (c) minimum strength capable to hoist a crewmember aboard. 4.22.8
  Heaving line 15-25m long, diameter ≥ 6mm, readily accessible to cockpit. 4.22.7
  One or more inflatable liferafts with a total capacity to accommodate at least the total number of people on board. 4.20




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